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Arts and crafts are not only about creating work. They also are about creating techniques and passing those techniques along to the rest of the art community. We love to teach and to convey information to others. These tutorials, along with our classes are an attempt to do so.


We do not contend that we are the originator of all of the techniques that we teach (though we are the creator of  many). We do contend that passing this information along gives us great pleasure and, hopefully, makes our students and readers better artists.

More to come

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1) Glass Cloisonné

2) Glass Bails

3) High Temp Fun

4)Painting on Glass

5)Applying Decals

6)Attaching your Bails

7) Reflections in Photos

8)Glass Clay

9) Display for pendants

10) Make  a Devit agent

11)ProScreen screen printing

12) Jewelry fusing made easy

13) Using Foil in Glass

14) Masking for Effect

15) 60 Second Crackle

16) Gold on Glass

17)Make your own Aventurine

18)Mold Making with RTV

19) Mica Information!


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