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Individual Colors: (30 gm bottles)

Work with all COEs

Kaiser Flux  This is a very fine flux-frit (glass) that has many uses in fusing. Can be used to thicken paints for screen printing. It has a maturing temperature of 1400°F.

Comes in a 4 oz jar. (will settle in shipping).


Here are our Kaiser Glass Screen Printing Fusible Enamel Paints:

Ready to use-no mixing!!

Photosensitive screens, ready to expose and develop.Very easy to use. No mess with emulsions and mesh.

3 ProScreens™, 7.5 x  8.5 in    $20.95

8 Proscreens ™ 7.5 x  8.5 in    $49.95



Kaiser Glass

With ProScreen™

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Screen Printing

On Glass

By Far the easiest way  to create and transfer designs to Glass

Important: We recommend you buy Kaiser Flux if you are doing screen printing with enamels. It enables you to adjust the thickness of your paint for best results.

A14 is a superior mixing and holding medium. It has an open time in the hours instead of minutes. A superior product for painting and screen printing.

4 Oz bottle of A-14 :  $15.95

Screen Printng Sets

Buy sets and save

Basic (10 colors, Kaiser Flux, 3 ProScreens 8.5x8, A14


Full Set (20 colors, 2 Kaiser Fluxes, 6 ProScreens 8.5x8, A14



And very exciting! Our complete video DVD on How to easily screen print on glass. This is a must have for anyone who wants to be creative with their glass.   $49.95

Images DVD

Set of 10 primary Paint colors

premixed with medium


Bright Red $10.95

Royal Blue $11.95

Orange $9.95

White $9.95

Brown $9.95

Green $10.95

Blue-Green $10.95

Yellow $9.95

Black $12.95

Turquoise $10.95

Pink $11.95

Teal $11.95

Pumpkin $10.95

Cobalt Blue $12.95

Chocolate $10.95

Gray $11.95

Sky Blue $10.95

Red Orange $10.95

Grass Green $10.95

Bright Yellow $11.95

Designer Colors

Set of ten Designer Colors premixed with Medium:


Basic Colors

Large Black  $32.50