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Our classes are intended to teach “small canvas” techniques. Those are particularly well suited for jewelry, but can be expanded to use in larger applications.


Polymer Mask Transferring for

Detail Etching  of Dichroic Glass

Computer based detailed dichroic etching and painting

(Patent Applied for)


The cornerstone of this class is making computer generated masks for dichroic glass using the new mask transfer method that we developed. This method is easy, inexpensive, very detailed, safe, and can be done in any studio. We now have added our new method for etching mica and etching gold  creating more subtle and just as beautiful pieces. Also, this class includes making your own Dichroic decals

This class starts with a short introduction to dichroic glass. Included in that introduction will be an explanation of methods of etching including cream etching to be used in this class.

Students will then learn to create designs in dichroic  by several methods:

1)  Etching Dichro,  Mica, Dichro decals  and Gold.

2)  Extensive information and practice of use of Glass paints and Mica.

3)   Frisket and frisket  type masks

4)   Hand painted masks using several different  mediums.

This class then teaches multilevel use of dichroic glass and how to integrate designs for up to 3 different  colors of dichroic in one piece.  The student will learn to add dimension and depth to pieces.

This class gives tools to the student that will enable them to differentiate their glass from most of the other “dichro artists”. It enables the student to put their own artistic mark on their creations.

Students are expected to have a basic knowledge of cutting glass and an understanding of basic glass techniques.

These were made using techniques taught in this class
We give you the tools to differentiate your work from
Other glass jewelry. Go beyond primitive dichroic pendants

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