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Enamel Paints

Set of 10 primary Paint colors

premixed with medium


A14 is a superior mixing and holding medium. It has an open time in the hours instead of minutes. A superior product for painting and screen printing.

4 Oz bottle of A-14 :  $15.95

Kaiser Flux  This is a very fine flux-frit (glass) that has many uses in fusing. Can be used to thicken paints for screen printing.It has a maturing temperature of 1375°F.

Comes in a 4 oz jar. (will settle in shipping)


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Premixed with medium (liquid )

Very thick for superior coverage and Density

Very slow drying for long open time.

Can be thickened with Kaiser Flux

Can be thinned with A-14

High fire: Mature at 1375°F

Can withstand full fusing (1550°F)

Can be painted and fused on fine silver

Mixable (with exception of  Red and orange)

Bottle contains 30 Gram (approx 1 oz)

Finest Quality European  Paints and Enamels available on the market

Works with all COEs

Bright Red $10.95

Royal Blue $11.95

Orange $9.95

White $9.95

Brown $9.95

Green $10.95

Blue-Green $10.95

Yellow $9.95

Black $11.95

Turquoise $10.95

Pink $11.95

Teal $11.95

Pumpkin $10.95

Cobalt Blue $12.95

Chocolate $10.95

Gray $11.95

Sky Blue $10.95

Red Orange $10.95

Grass Green $10.95

Bright Yellow $11.95

Designer Colors

Set of ten Designer Colors premixed with Medium:


Wissmach Textured and Irid Glass (90COE)

One of the techniques we teach is 60 second crackle. This package is an easy way to dip your toe into the technique without committing to a full sheet. This package contains 4 sheets of 5x5 clear textured Wissmach glass in an assortment of textures. It also contains a 5x5 sheet of Wissmach’s beautiful iridescent glass on black.

All five sheets in a pack $25.00

Basic Colors

Large Black  $32.50