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See our beautiful selection of pinch bails. These are the best and brightest pinch bails available. We have a large selection that will have a bail that will complement your design.

Also, we now have a lovely bail that goes with your donut pendant.

Transfer Masking

We have developed a process  to detail mask your dichroic glass. Then etch the computer or hand generated design out . Voila...a beautiful piece of dichroic glass of your design

Only  the best quality and the best colors. We use them ourselves for our artwork, so we can assure you they are the best quality.

This amazing and simple process creates a reusable screen from your image. Add color as well as design to your glass work. No mess with emulsions and mesh. The screen is ready to expose and develop.

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Powder Enamels

Brand new and oh so exciting. These powder enamels are the finest quality enamels available. They have a myriad of uses due to their ultra high pigment content.


Our micas are hand picked to give you the best results  possible. Our new interference micas are especaily beautiful.

Polymer Mask Transfer

Screen Printing on Glass

Polymer Mask Transfer