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Our classes are intended to teach “small canvas” techniques. Those are particularly well suited for jewelry, but can be expanded to use in larger applications.

These were made using techniques taught in this class
We give you the tools to differentiate your work from
Other glass jewelry. Go beyond primitive dichroic pendants

Students  who have taken our classes say this is the most exciting.

Images on Glass

Screen Printing and Computer Based Design

to Create Painted Masterpieces

This class will enable the glass artist to create wonderfully detailed small (and large) pieces for jewelry, or for elements in larger pieces (see examples below) . The backbone of this  will be screen printing on small pieces. Screen Printing will be done  in an inexpensive  method, easily and safely accomplished in the home studio,

You will learn to make your own reusable screens and then use them as described below.

Screen printing will be used to:

1) Create color artwork for your piece

2) Create exciting backgrounds to enhance the foreground artwork.

3) Enhance your screen print work with micas.

4 Add spot artwork to already created pieces.

5 Add gold  accents to pieces

Painting on pendants to enhance screen printed and decal pieces will be examined in more detail.  Multilevel glass creations will be made, each giving a different element to the final piece. See the examples below for an indication of the diversity of techniques and end results possible.

Students are expected  to have basic knowledge of cutting glass as well as a basic understanding of glass techniques.

Class Dates