Kaiser Glass
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Our classes are intended to teach “small canvas” techniques. Those are particularly well suited for jewelry, but can be expanded to use in larger applications.


This class is a wonderful look at a recently developed addition to the tools glass artists can use in their work. It is very flexible and can create looks, not previously  possible. Glass clay can be molded, sculpted, carved and even woven.

We will start with  a full description of Glass Clay and a description of the uses for this wonderful material. The student will be taught how to make their own clay in any color easily and inexpensively. Next we will explore molding Glass Clay. This will be both Freeze forming and projects that do not use freezing,  Both  will create excellent elements.

Pieces made with clay will then be added to larger backings to create multidimensional  jewelry.

The class will continue with hands on work to

+ Make free forms

+ Create die cut forms for use in larger pieces.

+  Use paint and mica on pieces

+ Create RTV molds for clay

+  Give our Clay textures and 3 dimensional elements.

– Integrate Silver metal clay into your glass pieces.

These were made using techniques taught in this class
We give you the tools to differentiate your work from
Other glass jewelry. Go beyond primitive dichroic pendants

Class Dates

Dimensional Glass!
Now with easy Silver elemients