Kaiser Glass
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Our classes are intended to teach “small canvas” techniques. Those are particularly well suited for jewelry, but can be expanded to use in larger applications.


Bails Bails Bails

As the name suggests, this class will be a tour de force on bails. We will start with the basic glue on Aanraku bails.  Included will be a thorough discussion of adhesives.   From there we go into the at least 9 other methods to make bails including:

1) Glass strip bails

2) Glass single bails

3) Glass clay bails

4) Pattern wire bails

5) Fine silver wire bails fused into pendant

6) PMC bails

7) Pinch bails drilled

8) Sterling wire work.

9) Wire wrap bails

Several others.

We will be working with earring settings in several variations.

The student is expected to have a basic understanding of glass and glass fusing.

This class has a  tremendous
amount of information to convey
to the students. It will have
projects, but a lot of information
will be taught by demonstration
These were made using techniques taught in this class
We give you the tools to differentiate your work from
Other glass jewelry. Go beyond primitive dichroic pendants

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